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Introduction about CSGOboost

This game CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) , hit the markets on 21st of August 2012. This has surely taken over the eSports industry with its legendary sprint. Some of the fun facts about CSGOboost has been discussed in this article.

Fun facts about CSGOboost game

  1. The player won’t not be able to see their own shadow while in-game from their POV, it is mainly because the POV cams do not have the shadow rendered, thus one doesn’t see it.
  2. At the time of launching it did not have the competitive skin or modes.
  3. The player can locate the bomb in the smoke, if they keep their tutorials on.
  4. One can ignore the other player’s message who tries to disturb them during the game.
  5. By adding the language pirate in the launch options will change the in-game language of the player’s game and will look more convincing.
  6. In case the player visits a bombsite in an overpass map, then they can make use of the ‘use’ button, and can pull out the cash out of the bank.

Tips and tricks about the game

  1. One should play with their mind. And, it is advisable not to stare at people through any wall.
  2. One should change the position and tactics in each round of the game.
  3. The player should learn all points on the map.
  4. Timing is a very important factor in every game. The player should keep this fact in their mind.
  5. The player should pay attention to the radar.
  6. One should be in a hurry to kill their enemy. Self-control can be an important factor while playing the CSGOboost game.
  7. One should shoot through the right boxes and walls.
  8. One should use the skins tactfully.


If someone is playing CSGO, then they get to learn some new things about it every time they get it.