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Released on 21 August 2012, CS2 is a popular and competitive first-person shooting (FPS) game. It awards players 18 different ranks according to their skills and performance in the game. The ranks are from different groups such as the first six ranks being the lowest and the last four being the highest. However, many times players have to ask for additional help from boosters such as the CS 2 Vertigo boost.

How does the ranking system work?

The CS2 ranking system comes with 18 different ranks with Silver I being the lowest and Global Elite CS 2 as the highest. Each status specifies the player’s ability and expertise in the game. Since a player can only play two placement matches in a day, it will take up to 5 days to get ranked. Moreover, the ranking system considers a player’s game performance to assign rank, and thus, they have to play their best in these 5 days. Furthermore, players are also matched with other gamers only based on their performance and skill.

Vertigo Boosting for CS2 players

CS 2 Vertigo boost is the most suitable option for players who want to spare themselves from grinding in the game. According to professional gamers, CS2 is a robust and competitive FPS shooting game that requires specific skills to ace the game. Luckily, those gamers can hire boosters to use their account and achieve the desired results.

It is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Players have to specify their account details and the rank they are expecting from the booster. The next step is making the payment and staying away from the keyboard. Boosters will take care of the rest as they are highly renowned for rendering 100% assured returns to the players.


Various CS2 boosters also offer a money-back guarantee where firms or boosters are willing to return the payment if the client is unsatisfied. Players can find hundreds of different reliable and trustworthy boosters. Most importantly, gamers are also advised to stay away from free boosters as anything good comes with a price.